Counselling with Lynn Hogarth

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Based in Midlothian

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Phone no: 07935 370 999




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Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions

I provide a relaxing and welcoming space for you, where you will be able to discuss your problems and difficulties in confidence. You will feel respected, understood and we will work together for the changes you want in your life without judgement.

My work can be short term or long term and open-ended allowing therapy to progress for as long as we both feel necessary for you.

It takes time and willingness to get to the root of the issues. We will start to find answers and ways to deal with situations that are important to you and are affecting your life day to day.

Counselling is a process which leads to real improvement, leading to real changes and actual transformations.

Please contact me by email.   We will have a short discussion and then our first session can be scheduled.

Please reach out to me and we can discuss what is best for you and decide on the most suitable path for you.

You can have an appointment slot that is only yours: same day, time, every week. Should circumstances change let me know and I will try to accommodate sessions that are suitable to both of us.

Counselling will be individual to you. Results can only be gained if you genuinely want change. The work and commitment you put in will be worth it.

Confidentiality: Our work is confidential. I follow the 'NCS Ethical Framework' (National Counselling Society) and everything discussed in therapy is private and confidential.


Regular Sessions: £40. Each session lasts one-hour.

One-off or longer sessions can be arranged. Please enquire.

“The problem with mental Health Illnesses is no one truly knows how you feel inside…

You can look the happiest person in the world but be breaking every day.

Moral of the story is, just because you can’t see someone suffer, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

-Mental Health Believe UK.